House with plants

  • Location: București, Sector 3
  • Area: 228.53 sqm
  • Year: 2022
  • Client: Niță Horia and Niță Ana-Maria
  • Architecture: Arch. Izabela Tudorache
  • Structure engineering: Eng. Andrei Badiu
  • Installation engineering: Eng. Mihai Terzi

I love merging simple, geometric shapes with the organic elements of nature. And nothing is more pleasant than when the clients of the spaces we design have the same desires. The house with plants does not benefit from a very large plot of land and then we tried to bring as many natural elements in the exterior and interior design. We don’t have room for plants in the garden? No problem, we put them on the house, we put them on the steps, we hang them on the pergolas, we climb them on the walls, we put them on the shelves, we put them in pots. No matter what corner of the house you are in, you are connected to nature. This does not mean that it takes over the living space, but only that it completes it. The simple, massive and interlaced volumes of the house highlight precisely this opposition between hardness and natural, like a piece of grass that managed to grow on the concrete wall of a hall. Nature is evetually making its way, we just make it easier for her to access it. In this sense, nothing is done at random. The deck terraces, the wide steps leading to the courtyard to make the passage smoother, the pool which also brings another natural element to the landscape, the pergolas that filter the light, the large windows that make the exterior space seem part of the interior, everything has a meaning and a purpose.

Labels and areas:

Ground floor

  1. Entry terrace – 5.12
  2. Hallway – 14.03 sqm
  3. Office – 8.79 sqm
  4. Technical room –
    7.36 sqm
  5.  Bathroom – 5.82 sqm
  6.  Kitchen – 12.45 sqm
  7.  Living + Dining + Staircase – 49.81 sqm
  8.  Loisir terrace – 29.29 sqm

1st Floor

  1. Staircase – 6.08
  2.  Hallway – 5.36 sqm
  3.  Bathroom – 6.39 sqm
  4.  Bathroom – 9.47 sqm
  5.  Bedroom – 16.14 sqm
  6.  Terrace – 5.04 sqm
  7.  Dressing – 10.21 sqm
  8.  Bedroom – 14.04 sqm
  9.  Bedroom – 15.69 sqm

Total usable area = 181.64 sqm

Total built area = 228.53 sqm