We take care of everything

Because we want the project we offer you to be complete from all points of view and for all things to be well set up down to the smallest detail.

Design theme and site analysis

Our collaboration will begin with a series of discussions during which we will outline together a design theme that represents the starting point of the project. Based on this and some site analyzes, we will make a first proposal, which we will then model with you until we reach the final result.

Construction Authorization and Project for execution

The project will include both the files for the Building Permit and the files for execution that cumulate technical projects, lists of quantities and details of execution for the specialties architecture, structure and installations, respectively the complete files related to interior design and landscaping including proposals, technical drawings, details and lists of specific quantities.

Certificate of Urbanism and Permits

During the project we elaborate the documentations for the Urbanism Certificate and approvals, which we can also take care of submitting for the Bucharest-Ilfov areas. Apart from the standard approvals, we can carry out, as the case may be, any other specialized studies will be required in the Urbanism Certificate.

Demolition project

If there is already a building, we also take care of the demolition project and its survey and technical expertise in the case of demolitions, consolidations, exitenders or conversions.

Topographic survey and Geotechnical study

At the same time we will carry out the topographic survey and the geotechnical study (throughout the country), which will be important in the configuration of the project both in terms of architecture and structure.

Urban Planning

For situations where PUD/PUZ type documentation is required, we work together with our colleagues from urban planning and take care of the entire approval process for these types of documentation.

Interior design and landscaping

Once we have a shape as close as possible to the final form, we will start working on the interior design and landscaping, so that everything is thought of from the beginning as a whole. We will coordinate everything so that no aspect is omitted and all are connected in a way that is natural and organized at the same time.

Construction assistance

From the moment of handing over the complete project we can recommend construction companies with which we had a good relationship and we will send all the necessary documents to obtain execution offers and after obtaining the Construction Permit and starting the site we offer assistance throughout the construction, site visits and we keep in touch with the chosen site manager.