House with longing

  • Location: Bucharest, Sector 4
  • Area: 152.61 sqm
  • Year: 2023
  • Client: Chiriac Mihai and Chiriac Elena
  • Architecture: Arch. Izabela Tudorache
  • Structure engineering: Eng. Andrei Badiu
  • Installation engineering: Eng. Mihai Terzi

Happiness is not measured in how many things we have but in beautiful moments and authentic relationships. This project was formed from the longing for a simple life like when we were children and we didn’t need much to be happy, and from the attempt to rediscover it and create a sanctuary away from the everyday chaos. And precisely because it is located in a crowded and hectic city, it brings by contrast a natural and functional living space, comfortable, natural and peaceful.

In this sense, we designed a home that combines organic materials with simple geometric shapes, with small but open, airy and bright interior spaces. The materials used on the outside complement the contrast between the city environment and the family’s secluded environment, and the interior color palette is neutral and warm with inserts and details that reflect the atmosphere of a simple life, without artifices and without unnecessary elements.

For the Chiriac family, the project was more than a simple construction; it was a journey back to the roots, authentic values and simple pleasures of life. Every corner of the house invites them to relax, reconnect with themselves and nature and enjoy the moments they spend together. In this home, simplicity translates precisely by returning to the essentials and finding happiness in small details.

Labels and areas:

Ground floor

  1. Entry terrace – 4.72 sqm
  2. Entry hall – 3.26 sqm
  3. Living room + dining – 21.85 sqm
  4. Kitchen – 10.97 sqm
  5. Office – 10.39 sqm
  6. Bathroom – 2.92 sqm
  7. Technical room – 3.66 sqm
  8. Staircase – 5.04 sqm
  9. Loisir terrace – 21.45 sqm

1st Floor

  1.  Hallway – 7.60 sqm
  2.  Bathroom – 4.680 sqm
  3.  Bedroom – 12.02 sqm
  4.  Bedroom – 12.32 sqm
  5.  Bedroom – 14.00 sqm
  6. Bathroom – 3.64 sqm
  7. Storage – 1.58 sqm
  8. Terrace – 10.25 sqm

Total usable area = 113.93 sqm

Total built area = 152.61 sqm